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Our party location

One week from now, I will be sitting in the Old Town, attending a pub crawl that’s part of the jubilee we’re organising. “We’re been talking about this for almost a year”, our head of the junior division said today, “and now it’s almost here!” Just one week left! This week, we’re coming to the detail level and while it’s going to be a lot of work, it’s also going to be such fun. So much to look forward to. But I am also worn-out beforehand, maybe it’s because I’ve been beavering away in the kitchen until long after dusk tonight. I’m fikaansvarig tomorrow and am defending my baking reputation with a recipe that I got from Michelle’s mom in Skåne some weeks ago, it’s a variation from Sju sorters kakor and I have great expectations.

Speaking of fun, my extra co-worker persuaded me to join the project choir of the church. It’s a choir for people who can’t commit to a regular choir practice but want to sing – four rehearsals, four weeks, one performance. Perfect as a first step back into choir for me! The first rehearsal last week was already fun and yesterday it was even better. We’re singing four songs, two in German, one in English and one in, lo and behold, Latin. Luckily, there are some very strong candidates in every voice, it seems, so that it’s easy to get a pretty good sound. It affirmed my belief that human beings are made to sing.

And we got some great news today! My press release made it into Dagens industri! The newspaper, which is often abbreviated as Di, is the most influential business paper in Sweden and reported about a company that we awarded our annual award to, and that’s how my press release ended up there. I was very pleased!

Del, vad blir det?, 6 i citat-samlingen

“Jag vill ha lugn och ro”. – “Det är fan fint med lugn och ro”.

Die Katze im Sack – det låter som en hip bar”.

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