Friendship Week


Still recovering from the weekend – but in the best way: this Monday afternoon, my dear friend Michelle came to see me for the first time in Dizzel. The sun welcomed her with 30 degrees (we’ve had that weather all week and we measured 33 degrees in the office three days in a row) and the one and a half days she was here and I was off work, Dizzel felt like a holiday! We ate all our meals on my balcony (like the first time it’s been used), had ice cream, wandered through the nice parts of the Old Town and Michelle helped me put up curtains. Let me tell you, my bedroom, now complete with the Pax and the curtains, looks like a whole new room. I love it! We did more “tantsaker” like crocheting, buying fabric (she will make me kitchen curtains because she’s the best) and taking care of plants, but we also took advantage of the opportunties Dizzel offers and went to the Kommödchen. It’s a nationally renowed cabaret theater and we learned that it is extemely popular, we barely got a seat even though we were there 90 minutes earlier. We saw a fun show, it was like theater, just much funnier. The same day I saw Michelle off, I went to Duisburg in the evening to meet Tabea who was celebrating her birthday in Germany- a real friend week so far!

Del 9 i citat-samlingen

“Vi lägger chokladen här så kan Helen få den när hon får psykbrott.” – “Mycket smart!”

“Jag saknar praktikanten”. “Men jag är ju här”. “Ja, men han var roligare”.

“Hen var tråkig”. “Man ska inte kalla folk tråkig”. “Vad ska man kalla dem? Oengagerad samtalspartner?”

“Hur många är ni som ska ut?” “Tre”. “Tre gringas som ska till 80tals-klubben!”


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