Friday was the first day at the office that wasn’t frantic activity in the post-production of our big event. There is so much round up work to do after each event that it busies three of us. Writing thank yous, editing photos, compiling a follow-up report for our magazine, sending bills…And our next event is just around the corner! In nine weeks, the highlight of the year is happening which entails lots and lots of work. Currently, I’m trying to get our invitation ready because for this event we even send our real, pretty paper invitations.

So before we leave the jubilee behind us helt och hållet here’s a picture parade for you!

We did a workshop for our volunteers to find new ideas for the organisation. I put out small thank yous for all participants. You can tell, I really like gold.


Del 10 – drum roll! – i citatsamlingen

“Jag har träningsvärk. Kan du tycka synd om mig, tack?” “Ja. Jag bekräftar dina smärtor.”

“Varför måste alla filmer vara så negativa?” “‘En gång i Phuket’ var ganska positiv!”

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