Adult points


Apparently, I have gravely overestimated my immune system. Since three days, I struggle with an absolutely terrible cold, just in time when leaving for Sweden. I haven’t had a cold this awful in like six years.

In an attempt to combat this misery, I partly stayed home from work, tried all household remedies and invested quite some money at the pharmacy. The lady sold me something that I can take without water, “so that you can take it on the plane, even in the last minute, by just putting it on your tongue”. Is this a suicide capsule or a cold remedy, I wondered. In any case, I don’t think it works at all. I’ve been taking that stuff all the time now and I still sneeze violently and feel rather sick.

Which did not stop me from visiting my friend Bianca last night. I arrived so late (21.00-flight+storm+having a cold = bad combination) that I, for the first time in years, bought a ticket for the Arlanda Express. It’s ridiculously expensive but it takes you to central Stockholm in 20 minutes. By ridiculously expensive I mean that the 20-minute-ride costs as much as a trip from Dizzel to Amsterdam. I felt like a grown up riding the Express. Adult points, vuxenpoäng, as the Swede says.

This afternoon, I continued my journey and went to the province of Värmland where I’ve only been once before, 15 years ago. My dear friend Malin has moved to Karlstad and now I’m here to see her new home. The train ride here was strikingly picturesque. Sweden, as usual, has dressed in the prettiest colors for my visit: Indian summer trees, glittering water surfaces, all bathed in splendid sunshine. Karlstad also has made a good impression on me so far, that is to say the part that I could see through my handkerchief/watery-eyes.

Malin has a car now, vuxenpoäng, and made us delicious dinner. (Bianca served me, so vuxenpoäng, a homemade soup with cabbage and ginger which I had hoped would instantantly made my cold go away.) She also knows me well enough to stop the aforementioned car at scencic views and say, “Let’s take a picture here so we’ve got blog material for you!”



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