Happy German National Day, everyone! Yes, that was today. I spent the day meeting Germans and non-Germans and aspiring Germans, hopping across the Swedish capital. I discussed the Swedish health care system, the Polish abortion laws, tried on balloon sweaters, paid 10 euros for a fruit salad (three spoonful), was introduced to the magnificent new Haymarket (totally in love already), met my former (inoffcial) mentee (“you were right about everything, I don’t understand how you even had the energy to put up with me then”) and was fed köttbullar by Marita while discussing life on her sofa. Basically, on German Reunification Day, I reunited with lots of awesome people. That’s what I call celebrating as you should!


Henrieke at the expensive cafe



Laure at the wonderful Haymarket


When the old-established department store PUB was to be closed and remodeled into a Scandic hotel, I was not enthusiastic. Located at Hötorget, the named the new complex Haymarket which I thought was phony because it’s literally just the translation of the square in front. But today, Laure took me to Haymarket which not only a hotel but also a bar, cafe and restaurant for walk-in customers – and most importantly, an interior design dream from 1920. So gorgeous, so sophisticated and thought-through!


Evelina who now claims to be an adult and thinks everything I ever told her was correct. She’s planning to study German in Dizzel and then continue her academic career in Uppsala. I am pleased.


Balloon sweaters


Del 14 i citatsamlingen

“Hur var det i Alperna då?” “Jag blev bättre på skidor. Jag utvecklade också jättemycket klasshat”.

“Gud, vad du lever life.  Att bli ghostad är ju mer leva life än vad jag gör!”

“Om du flyttar dit så träffar du kanske nån och blir kvar!” “Jag vill inte bli kvar, jag har ju mina köpoäng i Uppsalas bostadskö!”

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