I also want a Nobel Prize


“Is the real Queen of Sweden back in Germany as well?”, one of my journalist friends asked me yesterday. She was of course referring to the on-going state visit by King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia – and to my return to Germany. I am back, had kind of a sniffles relapse today, and at work I am struggling with an excel sheet.

My last day in Sweden started with meeting Linus and Nicola who both work at the German TV/radio. We were planning to meet at noon, but then I got a text saying, “Oh dear, I forgot the Nobel Prize is announced at 11.45, I’ll have to reschedule to 13!” For a news junkie like me, and a Nobel Enthusiast, that’s the best excuse you can produce. Some people think it’s a bit quirky how excited I can get about the Nobel Prizes, but Nicola sure understood. We discussed why the gravitational waves were not awarded (they published the findings too late, apaprently) and who could win the Peace Prize (Merkel is on the list).

After that, I met Magda who emerged from the tunnelbana looking like some business woman on the way to a board meeting. (“Do business women bring lunch boxes though?”, she wondered.) I summoned Magda who has been my fashion adviser last time to KappAhl to decide whether on not to buy a winter coat. I put it on, she looked at me and said, “It looks Angela Merkel. But in the best possible way, so I think you should buy it”. So now I own an angelamerklig coat, and I hope I make a stateswomanlike impression.



On the flight home, I read up on Swedish economic policies

Del 15 i citat-samlingen

“Hans jobb är ‘ägare’, vadå ägare? Av sin tvättmaskin eller?”

“Tyskarna håller på att vädra sina sovrum hela jävla tiden. Det är ju ändå en mening med att man bor inom fyra väggar med tak!”

“Du är typ hela Sveriges flickvän, Helen”.

“Nåt är fel med din skärm”. “Nåt är fel med mitt liv”.

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