Delivery Day


Fancy Ape in Dizzel

Some people think I only post when I am travelling/in Sweden. Given the fact that I’ve haven’t produced anything since more than a week, I guess they have a point. But this week I’ve been busy with being somewhat under the weather as well as excessively watching „Call the Midwife“, my new favorite series that I recommend to you all. (Yes, it’s on Netflix.)

Last weekend, my friend Frederieke visited me and she was very insistent on seeing „the sights of Düsseldorf“. So I took her to Cologne and showed her the famous Cologne Cathedral. (Don’t worry, I also showed her some of Dizzel.) The Cologne Cathedral is a major sight of Germany and the people of Cologne are almost a little überfond of their church. But I will admit that there’s a special atmosphere there, I’ve never regretted popping in there, quickly saying hi to God so to speak. This time, we discovered they had acquired a real (!) refugee boat that they put into the church. Measuring seven metres, it had carried 100 people. Behind it there were pictures of full boats, in front of it, they projected in many different languages, „Christ sits in the refugee boat“. Very impressive and appropriate for the church, I thought.


It’s one thing if you hear on the news, „Eighty refugees were rescued by the Italian navy from their 7-metre-boat“ or if you see photos in the newspapers of super crowded catamaran. But it really has a different impact if you stand right before it and count how many people could somehow safely sit there (about 20). If it’s 100, some will end up under others, suffocated. I hope that those who believe people go on a boat trip like that for „an economically better life in the West“ get the chance of spending some time staring at this boat in the Cologne Cathedral.

At work, it’s been Delivery Day! Lots of deliveries came for me: a carpet (for my kitchen), the trophies for our event and five bottles of wine to test-drink.

Frederike and I also checked out all the expensive design stores in my hood, they had really nice things. I discovered a toy store which was absolutely wonderful and had laternas magicas.


The mall decorates with items you really need in Düsseldorf.

Del 14 i citat-samlingen

“Jag är så glad att det är helg!” “Ja, du sa det tidigare”. “Men jag är så glad”. “Vill du göra en liten helgdans?” “Kanske det.”

“Är mattan bra eller är den för kökig?” “Kan det ens bli för kökigt?”

“Vi ska äta på den här asiastiska restaurangen, Ban Ki Moon eller vad det heter”.

“Det här regnat i dagar, det har regnat och det slutar aldrig” (sjunger Veronica Maggio) “Var hon kanske i Düsseldorf när hon skrev den? Fast nej, då hade hon skrivit, det har regnat i veckor”.

“Den moderna formen av en präst är en läkare”.

“Klingt ‘Nationales Wiedersehen’ rechts?” “Nö, gar nicht, schreib doch gleich ‘völkisches Treffen'”.

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