Fika Neglector


Good thing with Dizzel: when you buy a new Danish saddle protection, you can use it

Yesterday, as on all Thursdays at lunch, someone said, “Who’s got fika tomorrow?” Then, the glances go to the fika list on the door. And someone said, “Helen”. And I’m like, no way, José, I would know when I have fika. I would prepare days in advance. I would feel the fika coming up. But no! They were right – I have become a fika neglector. But Emily came to my rescue, providing me with a rather delicious pumpkin bread. I can recommend baking it, it feels healthy and has lots of autumny spices. So by standing in the kitchen until 10.30 pm yesterday, I saved my own fika pride.

The rest of my free time I have mostly spent trying to rebuild my wallet. I know have a preliminary ID card that looks like some fake Chinese passport (my co-worker says) and I should soon have some other cards being sent home to me.I waited an hour at the police station to make a report and when I was told it would take two more hours, I left.

I also started watching Borgen for the third time and I am beginning to be concerned by my own obsession. But the most important news I have to share today is maybe that I, Helen the active pensioner, now own a drill. My very own drill. That I can use as much as I like in the privacy of my own home. I can also lend it to others. I can drill in the ceiling and the walls. I could probably even drill inte the floor. So many new possibilities in my life now!

Del 17 i citat-samlingen

Du ogillar henne men ändå ska du träffa henne? – Ja. Jag är svensk.

Du är en magnet för sexuella saker.

En av dem skulle jag vilja träffa… – På din sängkant?

Linkedin är som vuxengodis!



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