Bremen in my heart


Facebook desperately wants to know my hometown. It’s been asking me for years, “Helen, where are you from? Helen, add your hometown!” But I don’t know! I don’t have a hometown, I’ve moved too much and where I’ve lived longest, I don’t feel any emotional connection.

But if I’d have to say where I feel at home, it’d be two, three cities, one of them being Bremen where I studied as an undergraduate. Bremen is such a pretty, vibrant, wonderful city! I recommend everyone to visit Bremen or to even live there. Bremen, like Stockholm, is probably the town I can most easily advertise with all my heart.

Last Tuesday, I was free (because living in Dizzel means getting to more bank holidays than in the North because… German federalism) and I visited my friend Jonna. She’s just moved to Bremen and she has moved into my former house. That was purely coincidential but so amazing – she lives in my old room, just two floors above where I lived. Such a trip down Memory Lane to take the tram to my old stop, walk my old street, pass my old dentist, and then come into my old house where I spent such intense, lovely years. Our doormats were still there and our”welcome” signs are still on the door.


I also used my free day to take my cat to the vet. He was not amused.

Del 18 i citat-samlingen

Jag stöttar dig med ord snarare än med handling.

Min stol är så hög för att min aura måste få utrymme och stöd.


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