Late night work


“So when I’ll come back around 11 p.m, we’ll revise the seating plan, I’ll answer all those emails and I’ll write the article”, I said before I left to see my friend Annelie and her adorable children. My co-worker gave me a sceptical look. “That’s a lot you wanna do in one night”. Eh, yeah, she was right. Well, at the least the emails are answered and the seating arrangements are done (until the next person emails me saying they’ll be late and want a seat at an edge of the table). There is always so much happening on the day of the gala and the day before…It doesn’t help that the German airlines are on strike.

But now we’re in Berlin, staying in the most enchanting little quarter that looks like its own village in what really is the middle of the capital. All the little streets, decked for the holiday season already, center around the old church and you can buy beer out of the window of one of the pretty restaurants.

But now I really have to go to bed after a very full day and another even fuller day ahead (an 18-hour-shift…). Good night and wish us good luck!

Del – är det verkligen 20? – 20 i citatsamlingen

Det sägs att han är bra på att festa. – Ja men det kan jag tro. Lite som du. En sån där från Uppsala. Kårmänniska. Man ser det inte direkt på dem men de kan festa.

Han var inte född som katt. Han hade en coming out och kom ur katteroben!

Vi kanske kan tillfråga prinsen som talare.- Ja, jag har en vas som han har designat! – Och jag har hans sängkläder!


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