Back from the eye of the storm



I visited the Swedish Export Council, such fun! Also, I helped/witnessed the decorating of their office Christmas tree.

I am writing this from my friend Michelle’s couch where I’ve spent most of my time the past day. I am simply too exhausted to do anything else, even this report is somewhat meager. While I was certainly more relaxed this time then for my first gala event, the incompetent catering company kept my stress levels high. Despite all the work, it was a good evening – and it was extra fun that Michelle could attend (now she knows all the people I am constantly referring to).

Like I already said last year, when everything I’ve worked for for month finally happens at this gala event, it’s probably my favorite day at work during the whole year. But I am also very glad it’s only once a year.

Pleased with my bling-hair, successful and tasty breakfast meeting with “my” juniors the next morning and of course rebellious Berlin postboxes.


Visited the AllBright Foundation that works for more gender equality on German boards (the photo is an original ad by a bank); trying to graciously wave at the camera with my dear colleague from the embassy; spontaneously meeting Nils who happened to be in Berlin, reminicising about our good old Bremen times.

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