A weekend with mom


My advent calendar this year is this candle from Liljeholmens

Mamma är här! My mom is visiting this weekend and she’s practicing hard to brush up her Swedish, reading aloud from Drömhus och Trädgård, (voluntarily!) watching Julkalendern with me, pulling out Uttalsboken to improve her pronounciation and singing Nu tändas tusen juleljus without my assistance.

This must be the first time that my mother experiences Dizzel in non-rain – we actually have splendid sunshine, but oh so cold. After visiting a friend of hers today in the suburbs, we waited some 20 minutes for the train and felt like we were freezing to death. Luckily, I have very recently fulfilled one of my long held wishes – a Klippan blanket made of lamb wool. It’s so wonderful, you crawl up under it and have a hot cup of tea and no cold outside can harm you anymore.


We had breakfast at the “Lantern” which is the top of the former Castle Tower, giving you a 360 degree view of the Rhine, lovely!


A star graces the Kögraben waters


Tomorrow I’m singing my first concert with my new choir at the church, an advent concert of course. It was rather difficult to acquire a simple black folder to my notes (obviously all should have the same color in the choir), but we suceeded at last.

At work I’ve been busier than expected, after the gala is before the next event and also the next issue of our magazine had to go into print. But amidst all the busyness I made time to decorate the office, too. I have a little (just a little) too much Christmas stuff for just my apartment but I just extended my decorational realm to my workplace. I think my co-workers don’t mind having a Christmas star in our window.


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