Berlin, again


Tegel, straight from the 80s. Also, the flight here was delayed by more than an hour. Not cool if you have an important meeting.

Greetings from the least representative airport of Germany! I am sitting at Berlin-Tegel waiting for the 20.45-flight to Dizzel. You’re like, Wait, wasn’t she there a week ago? Indeed! I’ve gotten into the commuter mood so much as that I simply walk to the gate that this flight usually goes from only to realize somewhat baffled that it leaves from a different gate.

My reason for paying the capital a visit again was to attend a meeting with other organisations that work for Sweden in Germany. It’s always fun to meet those who in some way or another are some kind of extended co-workers as we all work towards the same goals.Many of these people I work with now or have worked with previously so they have somehow been part of my professional journey so far.


Also, we got to be in a fancy official house (where apparently Willy Brandt first started his then secret conferences about his Ostpolitik) and got delicious food.

Reading business newspapers on the flight to fit in with the 8-am-flight-crowd // One of the reasons to take the late flight home was to be able to eat a quick dinner with Michelle. I could get used to seeing her every 10 days!


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