Back to work – with pants


After months of insomnia during the summer, I’d finally gotten a grip on my sleep this fall but yesterday, sleeplessness returned to my bed room, keeping me awake until 3.30 a.m. Maybe it was because I was so excited to go back to work. Not only had I been away from the office for ten days, my co-worker also came back from maternity leave today. That’s fun because we now temporarily are three (resp sometimes four and five) at work which gives a whole new atmosphere. After all this time it feels like there is so much to update/discuss but we didn’t have too much time for that because we have a giant mailing that needs to go out, a real one, meaning we all sat and folded letters today, me adorning mine with handwritten little notes on the bills for the people I personally know. (Hope it makes them feel better about paying the bill.) And just when we had a real afternoon dip, the postman came by with a late Christmas package from a business partner – with exclusive delicious chocolates. “Man, I’m gonna miss this job”, my co-worker who leaves in the end of January, said when we feasted upon “L’Art Sucre”. (Kind of, I only took the dark ones. Don’t let this fool you into wanting to give me chocolates as a gift. I’ll always prefer flowers if I can choose.)

To mark the beginning of the new year, I also did something very unusal: I put on pants. I haven’t worn any since more than two years, I’m the girl in the dress. But when I had found a pair of jeans at my parents’ that I bought in Stockholm some years ago, I thought I could give it a try. (Also, it snowed in the morning and after freezing on New Year’s Eve in tights….) Let me emphasize that it is not my new year’s resolution to wear pants more often.

Our colleague had already left when the package came. For her first day back at work, we had put a bottle of Cremant on her desk, the second day she will now be greeted by chocolates. How to build up expectations at the workplace. / Pants give me a crazy facial expression

Citatsamling del 23

Helen, jag bakade hela kvällen. Jag kände mig som…dig!

Vi är så elaka! – Nej, det är kamratuppfostran.

Du är inte så tokig. Du tror bara det.

99% av fallen så har inte mitt utagerande med saken att göra. Därför sjunger jag “Måne och sol” just nu.

Jag säger ju det, alla män är från Neuss. Alla tyska män i alla fall.


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