La La – seriously?

Go see La La Land, they wrote. It’ll be fun, they wrote. This year has started as my cinema year, I’ve managed to check off “Sing” (great soundtrack, fun movie), “Arrival” (watch-worthy and puzzling), “Passengers” (Jennifer Lawrence alone would be a reason to watch but the film is actually pleasantly thought-provoking) and now we went to see “La La Land”. I am still trying to remember what the last film was I disliked this much. The script is amazingly bad (at times, I thought maybe they were being ironic by using such worn-out movie lines), the plot terribly boring (follow your dream. don’t give up on your dream. make your dream happen. Oh and also, here’s some cheesy love story. Don’t forget to follow your dream.), the songs mediocre at best (and to make us all understand which one the theme song is they played it five times throughout the movie) and the actors – I’m sorry I know everyone is crazy about Ryan Gosling but I really, really don’t understand why. He’s not even that good-looking! As you can see, I am shocked by how far the Golden Globe jury, the movie critics and I differ.

Anyway. My co-workers nevertheless think I should make some extra money in exactly that industry. My reading voice has been commented on several times now and when I was to demonstrate to my newly returned co-worker what my old co-worker meant with “When Helen reads food descriptions aloud, it always sounds so…different”, she established I should definitely sign up for some voice audition for commercials. Food commercials, I assume. Golden Blossom: Low in moisture so that it is thick and rich – more honey for your money.


I interviewed an opera singer for our magazine today. Very fascinating. Did you know Swedes and Germans place the same voice in different voice categories? You’ll read all about in when the magazine comes out.

Citatsamlingen del 25

Men vad ska jag berätta om min helg då, att jag kommer sitta och prata Hitler? – Ja! Då kanske han säger, Vad kul med Hitler, kan inte vi prata lite Hitler när vi ses nästa gång?

Igår kom nya deklarationsblanketten ut! Jag kanske ska ändra mina planer och inte gå på bio och istället sätta mig och deklarera!

‘Hösten är min vår för då öppnar teatern’ är ett Strindbergcitat. – Men, åh. Lilla Strindis!

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