In my generation, you get daily recommendations on what to watch. “You have to see Game of Thrones!” “West World is the best thing on TV right now!” “Once you get through the first season of House of Cards, it gets really good!”

I am rather picky when it comes to TV series. Either a story captures me in the pilot or I get on with my life. I mean, really, my life span is limited, I can’t spend half a day watching before a show starts getting good. That return on investment does not really work out for me.

But I am also a herd animal and I have a certain interest to hänga med i snacket. When Lil’ Pesto joined the office, he made a passionate plea for the Norwegian show everyone is talking about nowadays: Skam (Shame). Hours after that, one of my best friends whatsapped me she watches it. Then my Grey’s Anatomy buddy mentioned on Facebook she watches it.

Skam, titled after an emotion that is rather distinct among teenagers, was originally a project to make the Norwegian State TV’s internet site more attractive to a young audience. The show is aired online, the characters have instagram profiles, the creator travelled through all of Norway to ask young people what life is like for them.

Okay, I thought, I will give it another try. Because obviously, the great trendspotter I am (…), I had tried it weeks ago and been all like, “Why would I watch a show that is basically my life 15 years ago?”

Now, two weeks later, I’m in season two and still can’t put my finger to why I just have to watch three episodes in one evening. Is it because there are only girl lead roles, all  carefully characterised and played by amazingly skilled young actresses? Is it because it is all in Norwegian and it sounds so charming and ridiculous at the same time? Is it because it is a kind of regression into teen age, just with some happy endings? Or am I just trying to have a topic of conversation with my intern?

I am actually not sure. I just know that it’s short episodes and I have found fierce love in my heart for my favorite character. If you don’t live in Sweden, get a VPN to be able to access SVTPlay and watch what everyone’s talking about, online and offline. (Actually, how does anyone even survive without a VPN? It’s like being cut off from half of the world. The Swedish world.)

P.S.: And it is not really my life 15 years ago. We didn’t have Jodel back then.


Smart advertisers know about the Skam hype. “Your body needs potatoes”, McDonald’s quotes from season 2.


Lil’ Pesto’s favorite is Vilde, so I put up a poster of her for motivational reasons.

Citatsamling del 27

Det är nästan som om jag är Jesusbarnet och du är de tre visen männen! (Kollegan när jag berättar att hon ska få tre presenter.)

Det är lådan med Volvo, choklad och födelsedagskassan.  – Det är den lyckliga lådan!

Jag ska inte lägga mig i. Bara litegrann.

Jag har inte dumpat!…speciellt många.

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