To the sun


“Hej solen!”, my co-worker would always exclaim full of affection during rainy fall, winter and spring days when the skies outside the office cleared. Now my co-worked is no longer working with us which resulted in much less entertainment and discussions during office hours and at the same time, it has become official that I need to intensify my relationship with the sun. My general practitioner called today and told me my vitamin D levels were almost below the limit of detection. What?! Have I survived all these dark Swedish winters without problems only to fall to “severe vitamin D deficency” in Düsseldorf of all places?

In German, there is a song from the workers’ movement called, “Brüder, zur Sonne, zur Freiheit” (Brothers, to the sun, to freedom) – sounds very fitting for my starting a shock treatment to restock my reserves and leaving for the U.S.. Whether you want to attribute the freedom part to the country or to my being on vacation, that’s up to you.


My friend Henrike came to visit and we finally went to the film museum I’ve wanted to visit since a year. They had an exhibit about Lotte Reiniger, the pioneer lady of animation. I made my own animated movie! It was a one-second-movie.



I loved these pictures that were lighted up from behind


We also went to a muscial about Luther. They had a choir consisting of 1000 people. Impressive!


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