I love the supermarket


At Target (love Target!), you can buy empty pretty egg cartons. Because…well, there probably is a demand.

In Europe, we kind of think of the US as the place where you can find and buy anything. My co-workers were actually very surprised to hear I did not travel with a half-empty suitcase. Despite my having done shopping many times at Kroger back in the day, I was still, or again, extremely amazed by going to the store with Emily. Generally, I like going to supermarkets abroad because it’s so interesting to see what is sold, how it’s presented and what advertisement techniques there are. But America is really Consumer Heaven, and I have to admit I do like to buy things.

I must have seemed a bit like a person that left the Soviet Union for the first time in her life as I marveled at the selection in the dairy display case, just disappeared for some minutes into the stationery aisle and requested we have to go look at the bread section. But I mean really who wouldn’t be flabbergasted at the fact that you can buy a card specifically tailored to someone who has lost their son and who is religious? (In Germany, you just buy a sympathy card and have to adapt it yourself inside with your message.) Who wouldn’t be stunned to find that you can buy nine different designs of muffin paper cups? I wish I could stay here for eight weeks to familiarize myself with these cultural supermarket differences because I am so fascinated by them.


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