Walking in Washington

Before I leave the capital for Phildelphia, let me share with you some of my photographic impressions.



The weather has been puzzling. The day before I arrived, it was +20 degrees, when I arrived it was below zero, as this photo shows. The next day is was +10.



This is the Newseum. Every morning, 800 newspapers from around the world email their front page to the museum which then selects some to put up in front of their building. So cool!


Very American photo including a school bus.


Things I did not know

DC is a black city with the majority of inhabitants being of African American descent.

My bank does charge for using my credit card here. I can only take out cash free of charge. Um, so convienent, not.

Jackie Kennedy was such an annoying person?! We went to see the movie last week and then researched some more about her and just hearing her talk made us go crazy.

DC citizens have no full voting rights in the U.S., this literally means they do not have representation in the Senate or the House of Representatives which is why many people have license plates saying “Taxation without representation” in protest. It’s just another phenomenon in US politics that I don’t understand. See first point, hony soit qui mal y pense.

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