Miss Helen goes shopping


A very interesting way of spelling my name, almost a little Chinese?

So I have already shared with you (and basically every local I met) my enthusiam for the American supermarkets. My love for consumerism does not end there of course – on Valentine’s Day I took to the clothes stores!

Emily had given me some tips and I had also done my research. The shopping tour might actually have done most for my sense of orientation in DC, with Macy’s being my true north. But it was not Macy’s or Nordstrom nor Forever 21 or Loft that captured my heart. It was Dressbarn, a shop I just passed by on the way to another one.

Gallery of unbought dresses


Emily’s reaction my my disclosure of the price tag of the blue dress (middle)

Dressbarn is described as an old ladies store, essentially a tantbutik. Apparently I cannot escape my own inner style compass because even in Sweden, I always end up at what my friends call the old ladies store. I walked into Dressbarn at 6:33 p.m. (closing time 7 p.m.) and because they had so many dresses I loved, I had to come back the next day. By then, I apparently had risen in their esteem because I was now adressed with my name. “Miss Helen, let me take those to your fitting room”, the sweet shop assistant said every time I accumulated another six dressed on my arm.

I could really have maxed out my credit card. Instead, being a sensible (then) 28-year-old, I joined all their clubs to get 30 percent off and only picked three dresses. So frugal!

The American Quote Book

Helen jaywalking. Emily: “Now look at you! Assimilating so well!”

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