So tired

The week after vacation + carnival might have been one of my most draining weeks in a long while. Messed up sleep patterns, travel for work, symptoms of a cold – not the best combination. I made it through though and instead of taking it easy on the weekend, I had managed to pile up lots of plans there, too. In German, you call that Freizeitstress (free time stress). I am so tired now, I literally want to go to bed at 8 p.m..


As I am now on the board of the Swedish Society, I got to suggest which movies we should show during the Swedish Movie Nights at the local cinema. My suggestion “Trevligt Folk” (Nice People) was accepted and we watched with together with a bunch of Swedes this week. Highly recommended documentary about Somalian immigrants forming a national bandy team in BorlĂ€nge, Sweden  and going to the World Cup despite never have played the sport before



I traveled to Frankfurt for work, look at this view!


Got some work done on the train


My dear student co-worker has left her position with us, leaving me with a fox. Luckily, the new position she accepted is next door so we get to hang out


I was invited to the Swedish Women’s Association’s yearly meeting in Bonn. Apart from winning Löfbergs Lila Coffee (which I passed on to my coffee-connoisseur friend Linnea), I also enjoyed their attempt at allsĂ„ng (dock lite besviken att folk inte kunde Sommarpsalm?!) and learned lots of things about the association. Afterwards, I met Henrike to go to the History House in Bonn.


Last year a new pub/bar/cafe opened in my hood. I’ve been there a few times and last Friday, it was super crowded so we were about to leave when the owner came out and said, “You – you always have a seat here, come in!” and got us a table. He did such a good job charming me like that that I ended up there this morning again eating breakfast during which I to my great surprise saw the kind of spoons he has!

Citatsamlung del 27

Helen: Jag fattar ingenting nÀr de sjunger pÄ karneval.

– Men hur svensk Ă€r du?! Till och med jag fattar! “Schatzi, schenk mir ein Foto” Ă€r vĂ€l inte sĂ„ svĂ„rt.

Shoot for the stars and you will land on the roof!

– Vad menar du ens, det passar ju inte ens sammanhanget vi pratar om?

Jag vet. Jag bara slÀnger ur mig floskler.

Helen, du vet att jag gillar dig jĂ€ttemycket. – Eh, okej? Vad vill du ha? Letter of Recommendation? Betyg? Pengar? Ledig dag? Har jag lovat göra nĂ„t och glömt det?

Jag kan inte ses pĂ„ lördag. – Har du real plans eller sĂ„na hittpĂ„ “jag ska göra privat bokföring plans”?

Du fĂ„r gĂ„ hem nu förresten, din arbetsdag slutade för 20 minuter sen. – Jo, men jag trivs sĂ„ bra med att sitta hĂ€r med dig.

Helen, det Àr sÄ bra att jag finns i ditt liv.

Den 8:e mars Ă€r det kvinnodagen. Vad fĂ„r jag dĂ„? – Din vilja igenom.

Nu fÄr du faktiskt uppdrag att kolla Mello till imorgon, Helen. Annars har vi inget att prata om imorgon.

Jag har varit i en sÄn bra mood hela tiden! Förutom den timmen dÄ jag försökte vara produktiv.


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