Oh come on, Stockholm


The first thing Marita, who again very kindly welcomed me into her home tonight, said was: “Geez, that is one thin jacket!”

But…but it was 25 degrees and brilliant sunshine in Düsseldorf. I literally had to take off my cardigan and be bare-armed because it was so warm. Then I took the flight north and the difference in temperature was larger from Düsseldorf to Stockholm then it was was from Düsseldorf to the U.S..

As I walked through the terminals full of all-black winter jackets with some dabs of greys worn by the more bold fashionistas, it felt as if people were giving me critical looks, saying, “Woman, don’t you know it’s 2 degrees and snow outside?” I did know. I know how to check the weather report. I even know you can’t trust SMHI and have to verify the info at yr.no. But I felt like a fierce fighter for spring, a representative of all that can be. So I packed for the weather I wanted, not for the weather there is. Two degrees and rainsnow is no fashion to greet me, Stockholm, even in March, it’s not the way to welcome me. Come on, you can do better than this!


But really, truly, no even the most awful weather can spoil my mood as I get to be around longed-for friends. Who have really amusing notes in their home.

Citatsamling del 30

Men när det är så här vintrigt kan man vara inne och dricka te och tända ljus så det är väl bra det också. – Du låter lite som en väldigt rik person som kommer in hos fattigt folk och ska berömma att de har ju i alla fall lite mat.

Hade det här varit för 100 år sen, Helen, så hade du passat väldigt bra som grevinna.

Den har ansökan om tidsändring, vem ska den lämnas till? Klockfen?

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