Going bananas at work

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Short week – more work! That seems to be a formula that applies to most jobs, at least to mine. Maybe it’s also the fact that it feels like we do fikafredag hela veckan now. It was my migrated-to-the-next-door-company-ex-co-worker’s goodbye fika on Monday and then another, regular, on Thursday. In between we had some health care breaks in which above named coworker and the intern, and eventually I, threw stress balls at each other. In a very friendly and cooperative manner, though.


I pretend to have provided the fika in this photo

We also had Rutiga Dagen, the checked day, where we all had to wear something checked to work. I don’t own anything like that (so I borrowed from Anthony) and it wasn’t my idea. My original crazy idea, “Let’s all wear something striped to work next Tuesday” has spiraled into becoming an office tradition (as seen on instagram). A different person gets to decide what we wear each (or every other) week. I then take a photo and put it up in the kitchen and our ambition is to fill the entire wall. There’s still Dotted Day ahead, Sensation White, Dress to the Nines…so many options!

We also put the intern’s contract into the shredder this week. Not because I fired him but because he asked me to extend his internship until June and got a new contract. That’s how well I treat my interns, they just want to keep working with me. Or maybe it’s because of all the fika…?!


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They wrote this sign at the grocery store, “Hey, I’m still tasty as well!”

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