Ingrid was here

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“Ingrid is picking me up at the office today”, I told everyone last Tuesday. “Who’s Ingrid?” Lil Pesto inquired and I was like, Oh my God, how can you not know this, have I not told you all about my most (in)famous friend?

Now he knows her! The blonde who answered most of his questions with “Hm, jo”. The girl who came in with a giant Clas Ohlson plastic bag with my Christmas decorations. The friend who decorated my desk with a gingerbread heart saying “I love you”.

It was another flying visit, no longer than 16 hours of which we spent three and a half together. But with this always on the road lady (“Where are you coming from now?” “Hamburg” “And why do you have to leave so early tomorrow to Berlin?” “Going to Prague!”), that’s better than nothing. Sitting on my sofa, drinking evening tea and discussing life brought back fond memories of our Hamburg times when we would do that for hours and days on end.

The next morning she was gone, off to more adventures promoting female comedians, chronicling the world in sketches or getting CEOs to the dance floor.

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One thought on “Ingrid was here

  1. Grad erst gesehen, dass du mich auch verlinkt hast :’)
    Und schlimm, dass der Weihnachtskram (und Weihnachtsmarktherz) erst im Sommer übergeben werden konnte 😀


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