You might not know it but the end of an era is drawing near. The end of the Lil’ Pesto Era. The infamous intern and I only have six more working days together and it saddens my heart. What is the best antidote to heavy hearts? Exactly, parties.

So a couple of weeks ago I rounded up “our” group that met my suggestion of organizing a surprise party as his farewell with great enthusiasm. And yesterday, after weeks of keeping quiet, we shouted “Surprise!” when he entered his girlfriend’s room and another legendary party followed, with speeches in his honor, a wall of fame and a wonderful international mix of music and people. Lil’ Pesto has been an integral part of this group, forming a reliable basis for the activities that directly affect our work (positively!), and it’s going to be seriously weird to see him go. Both in the office and outside of it, his most used word will be missed: “…magiskt!”


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