33 degrees, temperature rising

IMG_2012 (002)

There is a well-known German pop song called “36 degrees” in which the electro pop band 2Raumwohnung sings, “36 degrees, temperature rising, don’t ever turn down the beat again, 36 degrees and no fan, life doesn’t seem tough at all”. We are currently at 33 degrees outside. Temperatures rising. No fan, no air conditioning.

I learned last week that I am, contrary to what I thought, not equipped with a overly resilient circulation, when I made some poor choices given the weather situation that led to me collapsing and spending two nights in hospital. Luckily, I had a bunch of dedicated friends looking after me.

So now do I not only virtuously drink,  I also have put my feet into, cold water. Yes, at work. It’s only problematic when the door bell rings but it almost feels like potential guests would not even question my wet bare feet after taking six flights of stairs to get here.

Despite all the difficulty that the rain forest climate of Dizzel brings (not having any dresses that work in that kind of heat; phones getting too hot to function; sticking to chairs; trying to sleep at night; you name it), I will admit it: it is wonderful to feel the warm sun beam on one’s bare arms when cycling through the summer breeze. Everything suddenly feels a bit like being on vacation.

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