My Anna Week

For Germans, it’s the last week of June. For Swedes, it’s week 26. For me, it’s my Anna week. The last time she visited me, Anna said, “Once I’m through with my A-Levels, can’t I come visit you for a week and you teach me household chores?” Now she has completed her tests and passed with high marks (so proud of her!), she came to stay with me for the Anna Week.

And what a week that is! In the mornings, she wakes me asking if I’d like tea, during the day she does the shopping, attends the Sport im Park sessionsSport im Park sessions, in the evening I teach her the recipes I know or how to clean windows. And all the time, obviously, we have great fun and chat away. I feel very privileged to have Anna Week.

One ‘lesson’ that was not originally part of the Helen Housewife Schooling during Anna Week was particularily successful: Anna’s Skam-ification. She told me she’s going to Norway for summer vacation and I told her she needs to know Skam to fit in. The first night I came home, she said, “I’ve watched six episodes!” I felt like our relationship just had deepened even more. On the second night (“done with the first season and started the second”), she started dropping Norwegian words during dinner. I think Anna Week might be the best week of the year.

IMG_2147 (002)

The Easter episode of Skam scared her so much she hid under the pillows

One thought on “My Anna Week

  1. Is this typical, for young women to ask to learn household chores? In my experience, girls growing up are made to learn certain things, but would rarely ask to spend a week learning housekeeping. It sounds like a remarkable event.


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