Hello vacation!


When you start googling “How many months should pass between your vacations?”, maybe that’s sure sign you need to get away from work. I definitely am urlaubsreif as you say in German, vacation mature. To get away from work and chores, closed-in heat and an overpopulated country and swap it all for moderate temperatures with a breeze, the sea, and best friends. To have time to do just what I feel like – kind of already started that with a late breakfast on the balcony. Speaking of the balcony, even the worry that my tomato plant would suffer during my absence was taken from me when I heard that one of my juniors, my friend Elin, needed a place to stay before she moves into her next apartment. She will now be my apartment sitter! In case you were planning to break into my house (to steal my WMF pot set which is probably the most valuable thing I keep here), I am sorry to disappoint you.


I also celebrated two years at work yesterday – with these carrot cake cupcakes who turned out very well. My co-workers claimed they were “the best you ever baked”, clearly forgetting I fed him the same cupcakes a few months ago already.

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