Let the pictures speak

014 (2)

Already after day two in Sweden without a blog entry, I got a reminder to attend to my duties. I didn’t listen, rebel that I am. It’s just too much happening to keep up but I at least took some photos. As another reader told me those are best with captions, I am thinking how about only captions then!

003 (2)

Stroller parking spots. Because Sweden.

004 (2)

Went with my friend Elena who had to get stuff done at Swedbank. I was so amazed by their interior design at their office.

008 (2)

Exccessive shopping was done, too. At the real tantbutik. Don’t even dare to say where.

009 (2)

Met Andrea who showed me around at the Foreign Ministry. So cool!

013 (2)

039 (2)

Among the best parts of the day is definitely coming home to Bianca and Francesco.

019 (2)

016 (2)

Casually hanging out in the Foreign Ministry’s representation rooms.

053 (2)

ABBA museum is advertising with lyric lines and I love it.

m2010 227 (2)

This is a very Swedish thing that you use for cleaning your sink. It has a smiling cat face.

m2010 238 (2)

Buy a pizza scented candle!

m2010 243 (2)

Kulturhuset knows how to do color blocking. Watch and learn.

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