Summer time

030 (2)

Ah, the lovely archipelago life continues! With trips to the Ica, daily hang outs at the beach and breakfast outside every day. With barbecueing with fires by the lake or sea, and me taking bike tours to the little church on the neighboring island. With exploring “downtown” consisting of two restaurants and a kiosk, reading the newspaper and looking at ferries flying the rainbow flag for Stockholm Pride that started today. It’s these days that mean Swedish summer and that will be remembered when the dark winter comes along.

076 (2)

Bianca spent Monday with me and got not one, but two ice creams

074 (2)

The good life

124 (2)

Joraine keeps me excellent company the next couple of days. We’re so fancy, we even eat out.

116 (2)

Time to finally read the paper!

065 (2)

062 (2)

The bike is our best friend

005 (2)

View from the car bridge. Helt okej.

049 (2)

Romantic Campfire

017 (2)

Church. Graveyard overlooking the sea, idyllic beyond death. The church even has its own jetty.

002 (2)008 (2)

Citatsamlingen del 36

Den här elden är faktiskt bättre än Netflix!

Prästen var lite mindre svensk och lite mer människa.

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