Stockholm Thursday


Three days feels just the right amount of time to be here, this time. Immensely enjoying being able to have scones at Haymarket (I love that cafe too much), browsing through the stores (not helpful that they gave me a coupon booklet with lots of 20% off) and meeting the people I couldn’t meet when I was here last, or the ones I always just have to see. And at the same time not staying so long that I get too much back into the habit of thinking I live here.

Actually, it’s really just two days because the first day was completely dedicated to work. That 10-hour-conference was great: Lots of inspiring people, especially women, best practice that motivates me to go back to my desk on Monday, and a creative atmosphere where we all share the same goal and challenge, just in different parts of the world. That actually gave me an appetite to look beyond Germany-Sweden again…wouldn’t the UK be a great place to work, couldn’t New York be a developing experience? No worries, I am boarding the flight to Dizzel tomorrow and I’m not pulling up stakes, yet.


Snö, a nice Swedish jewellery brand, had a showroom sale. With balloons!


Finally got to meet Evelina again, took her to Haymarket, of course.


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