Plaisir? I took that photo this morning on the way from the doctor’s. Because not much plezier here – I was sick for four days, missing out, among other things, on “Shakespare in the Tent” at the Rhine that I had tickets for. Instead, I moved from sofa to bed and back and the only accomplishment we could put on our list that weekend was watching “Groundhog Day”. Which is part of the Western cultural canon, I believe, so that’s not too bad.

October has wooshed by, almost over before I even knew it. I’m busy with a decent amount of work with our gala coming up, and with understanding my new phone. Because, yes, I finally got a new phone! Going from Apple to Android wasn’t at all that bad, and now I actually can take photos because there is storage space – and I was introduced to Snapchat by my younger cousin.



This month, I gave a lecture on Swedish business in Germany for Swedish students


October also gave us golden days


…with 25 degrees!

004 (2)

My bike broke but I found 15 euros on the street that paid for half of the repairing cost. Also: Do you see how I snapchat here?


I arranged an event for our juniors where experts explained how to build a career in Germany

079 (2)

Four weeks to go today!


Pretty doors of Düsseldorf


Balcony Jungle, also thriving in the summery fall



2 thoughts on “Plaisir

  1. Beautiful stuff. Keep going.
    Also, welcome to Snapchat. I just erased that app.
    Can you thus do insta stories instead, please?
    your fan Ingrid


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