Wide awake

My body has a tendency to be out of sync with the conventional ideas of sleep and awake times. Sometimes, I can’t get myself to fall asleep before 2 or 3 a.m.. More often than not, my eyes refuse to open before 9. The solution would be, people tell me, coffee. Unfortunately, I just don’t like the taste of coffee and my experiments with black tea have felt more like a placebo than a wake-up call.

So when my co-worker told me about this new cocoa that is supposed to be a coffee alternative, I was hooked. Vegan, sugarfree, fairtrade – I immediately suspected that this hipster product must have come out of the German “Dragon’s Den”, and I was right. Under the tag line “The world needs you awake”, the founders of koawach have mixed guarana into cocoa and now sell it for quite a lot of money. I had to do some research and zickzack a bit through Dizzel but finally found one of the chains that sells the hot chocolate.


Day 2 of koawach: Alert and awake at work despite lack of sleep

For two mornings now, he made me koawach instead of tea and yes – I am awake. It seems to work. It takes just like hot chocolate (well, bitter without sugar) so it’s an energizing treat. My self-observation has concluded that I need regular refills though if I am to perform well as the effect lessens after three to four hours. I am going to ration this drink very strictly but boy, do I have high hopes for this pick-me-up for my 48-hour-work-shift during my upcoming gala days!

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