The Princess Diaries

I don’t think I make a good television personality. The last time someone texted me “I just saw you on TV, how the hell did you end up in that show?” was a couple of years ago when two friends and I were in the audience for a silly game show where ‘celebrities’ tested their knowledge about Sweden. Yesterday and today, I was on television with a real celebrity, the Swedish Crown Princess, but all you see of me is a super-stressed face hurrying through the picture behind her. Talk about failing at your five seconds of fame!

What happened? There is no denying it: a big day for a royal enthusiast like me happened. The Princess came to my, okay, our gala, and I had the honor to stand at the landing and officially welcome her with my boss (oh, and the honor to hand her three awards on stage). Honestly, even if she did not have any title at all, I would have been thrilled to meet her simply for how she comes across as a person. It is no surprise at all that she is so popular.


What do you mean, stressed look?

When we had shown her in, I had to attend to some urgent crisis business which explains my stressed face. Like I said, television appearances are not my strong side yet. Eventually, everything went well and everyone was happy, cheery and – so pretty! I was especially happy that we had more juniors than ever attending: ambitious, competent young professionals in glittering dresses and glamorous smokings, such a sight! Right on time for the gala, we had produced pins for the juniors that only they got to wear, making it easy to identify who was part of the club. The only ones possibly outshining our emblem were the court staff who had the king’s monogram as a pin on their sleeves.

SH_11-17-269 (2)

As if the gala didn’t already almost kill me energy-wise, I had arranged a junior day the next day where we held a workshop. It’s those encounters that make me want to go to work on Mondays. The atmosphere in the network, the great people, the mutual understanding, the shared references, it’s what makes all the toil worthwhile. And yes, I will admit, also the Princess.

SH_11-17-263 (2)cr

The juniors. I love that crowd.

SH_11-17-1 (2)

SH_11-17-283 (2)

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