In Sweden or at least in Stockholm, it’s not a surprise that advent comes with white flakes that – at first- excite everyone. But here, in Dizzel, I have never seen real snow and when it started snowing a few days ago, I was like, “Whatever, it’ll be gone before I manage to get outside”. That was true for the first time but now, now it’s been snowing since this morning, and it’s falling down softly on the ground, covering all of Dizzel in magical white – and it’s not melting! An amazing advent miracle.

I realize it’s a hassle for everyone who needs to go outside (he tells me it’s terrible in traffic), but I don’t go outside a lot anymore. Since last Thursday, I’m sick. What I thought was a regular cold turned out to be my first full-blown tonsillitis. I am very bad at being sick and cannot even enjoy being at home able to watch the new season of The Crown or the (this year not exactly great)  Swedish julkalender. I just wanna get better and go back to work! But wait, now the Nobel Prize Ceremony is starting and I will take a look at what dresses the royal ladies have chosen…

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