Wonderful things


Munich, last week, in a most colorful elevator

It’s Friday! In my book at least because I am free tomorrow. Rather wonderful, I know. What’s also rather wonderful is that I came back from a lunch meeting today to find a flower delivery to me in my office! It came all the way from England.

Adding to the list of wonderful things, (major point, actually): I got a nephew on Sunday! My stepsister gave birth to her second child and since her first child is beyond words adorable, so this new baby comes highly recommended, getting from me an early round of applause before I even met him. If he is anything like his sister, he can only be great. Also, I love that we now have a boy in the family. I am all about gender balance.


Yesterday, we hosted an event at Medienhafen which is, I realize this every time I am in that part of town which is too seldom, one of Dizzel’s nicest spots. The event went great and was very popular for being “only” a regional event. We listened to a presentation about the world economic situation 2018 and one slide read, “What to watch out for: President Trump”.


Cycling home from Medienhafen means a lovely route by the river and the Rhine Tower



And as you have guessed, I made it back from Munich in one piece. I met my friend and former co-worker Sarah for drinks at night and she took me to the coolest pop-up hotel where we diligently instagrammed and snapchatted our experience.


I also learned that Munich has a Michael Jackson memorial. I am still baffled by this.

Munich also had some really nice locations. That city’s ratio of seen-locations-suitable-locations is definitely higher than in other cities. Also, the aforementioned stationery store. Let’s just say I contributed a lot to their sales last weekend. When I got home to North-Rhine Westphalia, A and I indulged in lördagsmys, indulgence meaning oranges and chips. So spoiled, right!




Cultured Sunday Night: We went to The English Theater and saw “Educating Rita”. Great actors and a rather entertaining play!

But now, I have to run – choir rehearsal starts and I have committed to singing at the concert this weekend…!

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