Cuisine suedoise


There’s a new restaurant in town! Actually, not in town, but in the region. Actually, not in the region, but an hour from Dizzel, and it’s Swedish. So obviously, in my capacity of being-asked-for-all-kinds-of-Swedorecommendations-constantly-person, I had to go test it. On the way to our holiday destination, we made a stop at Kerstin’s Swedish Restaurant in the picturesque, but rather off-road village of Wetter-Wengern. (In Germany, they have a thing not for Fusion Kitchen but Fusion Urban Planning, merging two cities into one, making them end up with weird names that are far too long to write on an envelope (Neuenkirchen-Vörden, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Mörfeld-Walldorf anyone?) and often a rivarly between the two. (“No, I am not from Villingen-Schwennigen, I am from Villingen!”))

A and I got to test several courses and concluded that especially the köttbullar were delicious, the elk burger authentic and the kanelbulle “melting on my tongue like butter” (says A). So if you ever pass through Wetter-Wengern and yearn for some Swedish cuisine, you know where to go.



“Did you meet your wife in Sweden?”, the owner asked A. He replied that he hadn’t been to Sweden and omited the information that I am not his wife…

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