On a bright cloud of music

Almost four years ago now, my uncle and godfather celebrated his Silver Wedding. It was a grand celebration, the kind you find in Northern Germany in the countryside. Ball gowns, more than a hundred guests – and ballroom dancing. Tradition demands that the bride and groom open the dance floor with the so called honor dance. Then their parents join in, then their children, and slowly the dance floor is filled with couples elegantly waltzing around the room. When it was time for the honor dance, my cousin, their son, came up to me, asking me if I would do the dance with him. Imagine my glee! And then imagine my terror: I can’t dance. I can’t put myself in the center of a watching crowd and do ballroom dancing. So I turned him down. And that was the night I thought, “One day, I really have to learn this stuff”.


The last time I was doing ballroom dancing, 2002 in school. You can see on my face how much I liked it.

Fast forward to last night: Here I am, in the crammed ballroom of a Düsseldorf dance school. Around me a very young Japanese couple, two best agers who are both equally superslim, several probably soon-to-be-wed ladies and gentlemen, and my friends Anja and Micke. And A – because four years after the Silver Wedding debacle, I am dating a guy who is the exception from the men-don’t-dance-rule: he wants to dance and knows how to do it.

A’s been telling me we should take dancing classes pretty much since he met me and I always replied that it would be agonzing for him to live through the beginner’s course with me when he could do all the fancy stuff with a real dance partner. “True, but I still wanna dance with you“, he replied.

So, remembering that I actually want to know how to dance, I actually want to be able to do that waltz at my godfather’s Golden Wedding, we signed up at the local dance school. Yesterday we had the first of twelve lessons. (“To go to dancing classes as two couples”, the intern commented, “is such an adult thing to do!”)

They say all problems you might have in a relationship come to light on the dance floor. Your troubles manifest on the dance floor. If that’s true, we have only one issue: I love discofox. And he doesn’t.




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