Little Paris, Big Paris


Some people call Düsseldorf Little Paris, possibly because it has a reputation for fashion. One of the amazing things about Little Paris is that is is very close to Big Paris. Once I had realized that it literally takes the same time to go to Paris as it takes to Hamburg (a route I’ve commuted weekly during my first months in Dizzel!), I knew I could not let this chance of locational advantage pass. So I talked A into going to Paris with me. (“It’s our first-year-anniversary then”, “I have been wanting to go for years”, “I’ve missed the Musée d’Orsay last time I was there”)

This morning we took the tram with all the people going to work – just instead of going to a dull office, we actually went to Paris. Just like that. In 3 hours 40 minutes, passing Cologne, Aachen, Liege, Brussels. I felt very continental.

Apparently the route is rather popular and the train was almost fully booked. Behind us was a lady who travelled to Versailles regularly to attend “the absolutely wonderful concerts there” and the French girl who worked in Little Paris but went to attend a French friend’s wedding. Next to us, a middle-aged German (A says he looked like Leland Stottlemeyer) oriented us about his way of life by talking on his cell phone about his new car “that unfortunately I can’t pick up myself in Zuffenhausen” and his golf club that fell to pieces.

Eventually in Paris, we made our way through the bustle of Gare du Nord to what I assume to be the 7th arrondissement where our hotel is. A picked it and he apparently paid special attention to choosing an auberge that had nice, individualized interior design because he’s learned I like that. The area we live in seems very charming and as we wandered around we found that they seem to only have specialized shops: one for belts, one for shirts, three (?!) for swimwear. We ended up at a typical French bistro that actually also was a kiosk. I spotted several people that looked like Parisian textbook characters and an adorable little dog that belonged to the bistro. So stay tuned for what else we’ll encounter on this trip in Big Paris…!


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