Humbled and honored


Little, perfect baby feet, branded with the local bank’s emblem

Today, I became the godmother of the most endearing baby boy known in universe. You probably think I am biased but if you had the privilege (or maybe will have) to meet my new godson, you are very likely to agree. When he wakes up, he does not scream, but lies in bed calmly contemplating his baby existence and when you come to pick him up, he beams at you as if to say, „Life is so awesome!“ I love his attitude. And I am very honored to be his godmother, and his only godparent. (I better pull off a very good Christian godmother performance. Luckily, I have 15 years of experience to draw from with my wonderful goddaughter who, I believe, deems me to be an acceptable godparent, and also has agreed to me taking on another godchild.) I’m so excited to see what kind of person he will grow into and to follow his adventures.


My first mission was to provide my godson’s baptismal candle. I went with a maritime theme, hoping to instill in him an appreciation for the sea


I only stayed the short weekend with my godson (and family) because I have to go back to work. The office was 36 degrees last week.


As the weather cooled down, we experienced a storm. I attempted to close my windows in time but nature’s force outran me. My glass door slammed in front of me, and a thousand piece of broken glass rained down on me. I got a few cuts and my furniture was damaged by glass, but otherwise my action-movie-like experience went without further damage.


Last Sunday, A and I went to Xanten. It’s a former (like very former, 2000 years ago) Roman village.


You could even eat Roman food there which of course I had to try. Boiled eggs with fish sauce.

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