Buy local


When I moved to Düsseldorf, I didn’t know which part of town would be best for me. My co-workers told me, “Move to Flingern, that would suit you”. Okay, I thought, and moved to Flingern. Ever since, I have wondered why my colleagues thought I should live in the hipster part of town where one overpriced furniture boutique is next to each other. I don’t frequent coffee shops, I don’t listen to hipster music, and I don’t own a Fjällräven Kånken.

Anyway, last weekend I finally realized why my hood is a good hood. Maybe I even embraced my inner politically correct eco hipster. I went to the bulk goods store – and I loved it! The store is only five minutes from my house and from the farmers’ market. Inspired by Zero Waste blogs, I got my tote bags, coffee tin and müsli container and felt like a really sustainable person.  The bulk goods store, in German we call it the “non-packaged-store”, is great fun – maybe it’s because it appeals to haptic senses? My friend Maike claims I spent 45 minutes in there (it felt like ten!). I grinded my own coffee (for guests, I don’t drink coffee), I bagged my own müsli and was surprisingly amazed during the process. Another advantage is that you can buy just as much as you need. I rarely need 200 grams of walnuts if I bake and use them as toppings. At the non-packaged-store, I can get 3 grams if I wish. But the best things is: I didn’t have to takeout my little plastic trash can that day!


At the market, I bought a new kind of apple I’ve been looking for forever



Another plus of the hipster hood: the awesome stationery store

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