In the big city


Hello! I am still alive! But right now, I almost don’t feel like it.

After working 14 hours straight today, I am dead tired. You might have guessed it: I am away on business, hosting another series of events. While those are always crazy exhausting (just walking in heels all day…), they are also the best work days. I love meeting everyone again and creating a platform for them to meet each other. Also, it helps that this event took place in Hamburg.

Hamburg! Arriving here yesterday, I noticed that Düsseldorf might have smallertowned me. I know Hamburg is the second biggest German city, but before I lived here, I was in Stockholm, so I didn’t think it was anything special. Now, in comparison, Düsseldorf seems so much cozier and smaller. I just checked the cinemas for the weekend. There are so many cinemas.  You have to click through two pages on the website that compiles all cinemas! And on Sunday night, you can watch “Green Book” in English in three different theaters! This amazement is what I mean – I have become smallertowned by living in Düsseldorf. And that’s okay.

I redesigned our annual workshop which worked out pretty well. Also, I wore pants which was pretty crazy.

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