Bloom town L.A.


I am behind with blogging! The reason is mostly that jetlag has hit me really hard – I go to bed before Emily (which is a novelty for all of us) and I wake up, still feeling so, so tired. Did that keep me from walking 80,000 steps since I arrived? Of course not! (Anyone back at home who will ask me “So do you feel relaxed after your long holiday?” might be slapped, though…)

Just like last time I visited, my first day’s mission was to find the T-Mobile store to acquire a Sim-card that would work in this country. Millenials do not want to be roaming an unknown city without Instagram, eeeh, Google Maps. On the way there, I curiously observed how everyone was wearing long sleeves while I had just left both my cardigan and my jacket on the porch, feeling it was so warm. Also, people hung out in their cars with the windows open, talking on their phone which made me think several times someone was talking to me. I was highly alert, as you can tell, trying to not be run over by Mountain Dew trucks.

Most striking was and still is however the abundance of flowers everywhere. The city is blooming, giving it a very Southern feel. Colorful blossoms reaching over from people’s gardens to the street, almost like they’re saying “hi, tourist!”. I was in for a real flower surprise though when I was walking to the Natural History Museum to educate myself on L.A.’s past. Suddenly I was standing in the most beautiful rose garden. Well over 100 kinds of roses bloom there with funny names such as “Rainbow Sorbet”, “In the mood”, “Strike it rich” or “Tom Tom”. The rose garden, centered around a fountain, drew many parents with small kids but also elderly people enjoying the splendor of nature. Street vendors sold bouncy balls that had glitter attached, the ice cream man kept ringing his bell. Some students studied on the grass and couples picknicked romantically in the sunshine. As I sat on a bench by the fountain, I listened to the conversations sparked by the visits to the surrounding museums, heard babies crow with delight, children run to and from the fountain, their parents calling them. It was the perfect picture of a lovely spring day.



These two had endless fun running to the fountain and get sprayed by the water that the wind cast in their direction. Then, they’d scream and run away, only the return 30 seconds later to repeat the fun.



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