The week that passed

Last week was the first week in a long, long time that I got to spend all at home. I mean, I went to work of course but I didn’t go anywhere else than Düsseldorf. Such a treat! My own bed every night, no packing. I am more of a homebody than everyone thinks!

Speaking of home, one of the advantages with calling Düsseldorf my home for another three weeks is that DUS is the closest international airport to most of my extended maternal family. (Sorry, Hamburg, but you can’t compete.) On Friday, my aunt texted me that her son was returned at lunch from a year in New Zealand. I extended my lunch break, hopped on the light rail train and arrived at the airport before my aunt and her family made it. They were stuck in traffic and worried to miss my cousin’s arrival. I stood ready to save the day (also very spontaneously purchased a “welcome home” balloon). Luckily, they made it in time and we all stood at the arrivals gate when my cousin came out!


The downpart was that when I came back to the central station to bike back to work, I found my bike seat was gone. Stolen! What is it with these bike thieves! Now they even take parts of a bike?! I had to get a new one pretty immediately and spent a lot of money on a bike seat that doesn’t seem as comfortable as my old one. Ughhhh.


This weekend, A and I went to Hombroich which I wanted to post a longer entry about (but my phone and computer won’t cooperate, considerably limiting the amount of photos I can share with you). On Sunday, I met my friend Anja for Persian lunch (ridiculously tasty!) and seeing the Ai Wei Wei exhibit (he rarely disappoints, I think partly that’s because his art is so political). As we walked through Düsseldorf-Bilk we saw the above insta-worthy door and signs for “D1” and “D2” – in case you were questioning whether Dizzel still had that nineties charm!

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