Glad Midsommar!


Either I have strayed too far from Sweden or I am too occupied with the move, but this year, I gave much less attention to Midsummer than usual. Or actually that’s not entirely true – I celebrated a Business Midsommar event for work and I attended the Swedish Society’s Midsummer celebrations. But both were a week before the actual Midsummer so that barely counts. Today is the real Midsummer! In Sweden, this is a calendar milestone just like “Easter” or “Christmas”. In my work correspondence, we say, “This needs to be done before Midsummer”. I guess if you tried that with, say, Italians, they’d be like “Huh, when is the middle of summer?!”

I have lots of nice Midsummer memories as my Timehop app always reminds me. One year, I celebrated in my new co-worker’s garden in Stockholm (we had to work the next day), in Hamburg I had picknicks with young expat Swedes, in 2016 I had a hand surgery right before Midsummer, last year I think the soccer game Sweden – Germany was on Midsummer Day. Two years ago, I had a really nice Midsummer gathering in the park behind my house (I think that one so far wins the award for Helen’s best Midsummer). A early on understood the significance of this day. He never questioned whether it was neccessary to get flowers and make a wreath. Actually, he patiently helped me make my krans even this year.

And how am I celebrating tonight? I am honoring Midsummer in the best way while moving house: with a trip to IKEA!


Anja had the best wreath


We competed in the tipspromenad where you had to answer multiple choice questions like “How many Swedes live abroad?”


At the Swedish Society’s Celebration last weekend

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