First Advent Weekend


Christmas is now really getting started at the Tiny House! Today, I bought the Christmas tree together with my visitors Maike and Julia. Yes, I bought it on a Sunday and I probably was the first (and most eager) customer. The trees are sold literally next to my house. How convenient isn’t that?!

My advent traditions, I’ve realized again, are heavily influenced by the Christmasses I spent in Stockholm: hyacinths, a Swedish-style advent wreath with small red and white mushrooms, oranges with cloves, lots and lots of candles and light, Lucia and SVT’s Julkalender is what constitutes proper advent for me.

Oh, and Bereden väg för Herran! Today, I went to church and was five minutes late. I came in – into an unusually crowded church – to the prelude of this very hymn. Ah, the bliss! I love this song and I love how I can rely on it being sung in advent in the Swedish church. The children’s choir performed today, the confirmees were introduced (and had to interview church members during fika. I was interviewed, too.) and we had a trumpeter playing – very festive. The children give these services a very special atmosphere (yes, they also drop things noisily, but I mean more the cuteness they contribute). The sermon started with the pastor, who is new since August, looking around saying, “I promised that the day I see this church full, I will speak from the pulprit. And my mom taught me to keep my promises”. Then he walked around the altar, commenting on the giant Christmas tree that had been put up in front of the pulprit, “It’s somewhat unfortunate that you chose to put that right here”, climbing under it, making the tree sway much to the exicitement of the children, only to reappear suddenly almost out of the tree in the pulprit. That gave him applause, of course!

Maike,  Julia and I bought some Christmas decor at the church (read: I bought napkins) and after eating lunch at my new other favorite café in my hood (they have the coolest bathroom but that’s not why it’s my favorite) I dropped them off and strolled over the “Sustainble Christmas Market” at the museum in my neighborhood. It was quite nice! Regular Christmas Markets drive me crazy usually but this one was a little different – and not as ridiculously crowded as the ones on town. This weekend, I got three Christmas gifts, among them (the gift recipients can’t read so I can reveal it here!) a Children’s Bible for my godchild (yes, I’m that kind of godmother), and Maike gave me the idea of trying to record myself reading a Christmas children’s book to my niece and giving her that on a CD. I still have to get a hold of the book though because I chose one that I myself got for Christmas when I was little, and of course they don’t sell that in normal bookstores anymore (guess I’m old!).

Now I’ll resume my decoration duties!

Banana pancakes were popular with my visitors for brunch yesterday!


The decorations in the Levantehaus are among my favorite ones. Maybe also because the Levantehaus is a sophisticated version of a small mall instead of a giant commercialism temple.


Tree transport!

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