Where did the week go?


Office deskie [instead of selfie]

Isn’t it funny how only days after I published a rant about the rainy weather here, we get two days of wonderful sunshine and crispy cold air? The fact that the days are getting a little longer is now also noticeable. Inspiring by this first sign of spring, I bought tulips on International Women’s Day for my desk. It actually makes much more sense to have flowers at work than at home because I spend more awake time in the office. (That’s also why I tried decluttering my desk.)

This week has gone by really fast (okay, it’s not quite over yet). The most fun thing was that I got my request for an intern through. Now I wrote my first internship ad and emailed it to all German universites teaching Swedish and all Swedish universites teaching German (so bilateral!). It’s going to be very interesting to see who applies and if we can find a suitable candidate. It’s also odd to suddenly be on the other end of the internship machinery but I believe a summer intern could really help us out.

We also canvassed a hell lot of companies this week. My co-worker and I got a hold of all adresses of Swedish businesses and we are determined to contact them all and invite them to join our organisation. I can tell you it is a lot of assembling papers and flyers in envelopes. During that process, my co-worker and I came up with a story for a children’s book, “Helen på postfabriken”[Helen at the post factory] in which the character Helen gets to go into a mail processing plant to find out how the postal systems works. Postman Peter shows Helen around and together they try to find out why Helen’s letters to Sweden that were sent in September 2015 arrived in December 2015. Who would not want to buy such an educational book as “Helen på postfabriken”? (Plus, I finally get to see a mail processing plant from inside for the research!)


And today I am fikansvarig – I’ll be the fika host. When I realized my baking pans had mysteriously disappeared after one move too many maybe, the “Lent Calendar” that our pastor from the Swedish Church in Hamburg had emailed around caught my eye. It said, “Sunday March 13: Annunciation”. In Sweden, this Christian holiday is celebrated by eating waffles. I will never understand how the Swedes can have several institutionalized candy days (Saturday: sweets in general, October 4: cinnamom bun day, Fat Thursday: semla day, Annunciation: waffle day) and still maintain such good public health. But nevermind: Happy Waffle Day!