A good blogger blogs once a day, I suppose. I have not even managed to blog once a week recently. The reason is that I am not exactly in good health (if you ever want to curse someone, wish them problems with their disks) and my sick days have not inspired me to write, instead I watched Grey’s Anatomy and boy, has it gone downhill for that (once my favorite) series.

Today I turned 27, a number that is near-impossible to pronounce in Swedish for a non-native. The good thing is that, in Sweden, people usually ask you for the year you were born in (“Are you an 88?”) so I don’t have to worry too much about the coming year and my pronunciation struggles. (I can pronounce 27, but it takes more concentration and tongue twisting than most other words.)

My27th birthday I decided to spend at my parents’ house for the first time in 4 years. My mother had asked me to bring a Bible for a birthday surprise. Yes, a Bible. Because I am a good child, I did not object and brought my school bible. My mom then presented me with a recipe for a cake that goes like this, “Take 1,5 cups of Moses’ fifth book, chapter 32,14a and mix with 6 pieces of Jeremiah chapter 17,11a”. All ingredients were listed like this, except for baking soda because they seem to not have had that back in the day.

I was showered with lots of congratulations, among them my uncle sending a voice message with him playing “Happy Birthday” on the piano, Linus and Alain shooting a Helen’s-birthday-video at the gorgeous beach in Thailand and twenty Swedish high school students that my friend Malin worked with this weekend singing a Swedish birthday tune for me. That is only three of over 60 lovely greetings, from former choir mates, current and former co-workers, pen friends since ten years, from distant and closer family. Thanks a lot for those!

Even Google changed its logo for me!

Even Google changed its logo for me!

My parents and I went to an exhibition for my birthday that was titled “Decision Making”. I thought that was rather fitting, you know, getting older and making choices and all. The exhibition was very well-done with smart displays and interactive elements. At the end, you got the results of the answers you gave to the questions in the interactive elements and you also read lots of decision-making tips which were quite inspiring. If you want to go see it, too, the exhibition (in German) is in the Universum Science Center in Bremen and should be open until May. I even got in for free because I was a birthday child!

One of the questions you were asked in the exhibition: "If you met a Swede and fell in love, would you emigrate or break up?" Duh.

One of the questions you were asked in the exhibition: “If you met a Swede and fell in love, would you emigrate or break up?” Duh.

My actual birthday celebration will be a dinner (at 27, in a temporary health state of a 87-year-old, I guess you don’t party) which I will have in Stockholm next Friday. I have celebrated my birthday so many times there now; it almost feels like a tradition. (Even though February is one of the worst months to travel to Sweden.) Let’s hope my Swedes don’t make me pronounce 27 at the dinner.