Fly the flags!


The first child, adorable Princess Estelle

Even though the Swedish Court has not published any official statement on their website (ehm, weird?), my people have not missed to inform me. Literally 2 minutes after Twitter had the news of Crown Princess Victoria giving birth to her second child, my friend Andrea texted me the news.

Now the messages come dropping in from all sides (when Princess Estelle was born, I actually got a text saying “Congrats on the baby!” from a friend) and one reminded me that I actually guessed the baby would be born on the second of March – call me the Royal Oracle!

Lots of questions remain: is it a girl or a boy? What names will s/he get (and what goes with Estelle?)? Which dukedoms will be given to the baby? And, very important, should my co-worker and I fly the Swedish flag tomorrow? We have a large flag pole in the middle of Düsseldorf (i.e. in front of our office) and the consulate (which we also house) is open tomorrow – wouldn’t it be a perfect  opportunity?