When do people find the time?

It is fall which means all the series start again and the movies are suddenly full of stuff you actually want to see. Bron came back, Grey’s Anatomy reappeared, Downton Abbey is on again, I suppose even Modern Family has a new season. And then there’s all the movies that sound promising. Not to mention the new books flooding the market. When do people find the time to keep up with all this? I don’t. Because sometimes, even I have to sleep. I was reminded of that today when I, after two nights with too little sleep, woke up sickly. Made it to and through work and even made it to the movies. We saw “The state versus Fritz Bauer”,an excellent movie about an Attorney General trying to bring ex-Nazi officers to justice against major resistance from within the German justice system. Very informative, highly recommended – I don’t know how you’ll make time but if you need to chose between Grey’s Anatomy and this, choose this.